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By mastering these 6 Critical Conversations, you will not only enhance your existing relationships, but can potentially attract new ones as well. Learn how elite financial professionals use these 6 Critical Conversations to consistently drive a wedge between prospects and their existing advisors. Having the right tools and learning how to position
them can make all the difference in uncovering new opportunities. 


Sequence-of-returns risk, or sequence risk, is the risk associated with the timing
of distributions from investment accounts used for retirement income.

Negative market returns early in retirement can adversely impact how long retirement savings will last. Help your clients better understand how sequence of returns risk could impact their retirement nest egg and how a fixed index annuity may help them achieve their retirement income goals.



"How do you feel about the steps your advisor put in place to protect your nest egg after the 2008 Market Correction?"



Withdrawal risk is the risk of drawing down assets too aggressively to meet
spending needs during retirement. If assets are drawn upon at too high of a rate, there is the chance of depleting assets and running out of income well before death.

Help clients and prospects evaluate the effects of withdrawal rates on their retirement portfolio, and how those rates may impact their income goals in retirement. Equivalent Portfolio Value (EPV) is a hypothetical mathematical measurement that can help you determine how much retirement savings your client may need to meet their income goals in retirement.


"What was your reaction when your advisor explained the difference between asset allocation and retirement income strategies?"



Help your clients prepare for the potential impacts of inflation on
their retirement income strategy by discussing the concept of "Lazy Money"

Your client’s Lazy Money can impact their financial goals. Help them identify under-performing assets and put them back to work. Need help explaining the impact of inflation on liquid assets?


"What options did your advisor outline
to put your lazy money to work?"



Longevity risk is the risk that your clients will live longer than planned,
resulting in greater than anticipated retirement income needs. Additionally, the risk of longevity can potentially act as a multiplier for other retirement income risks.

Both 401(k)s and IRAs can be beneficial ways to save for retirement and have provided flexibility during the accumulation phase, but now as people transition into the distribution phase of retirement with these accounts, the risk falls primarily on the retiree. One of the major concerns is longevity risk - the risk of outliving their savings in retirement.


"When your advisor showed you the impact of you living 10 years longer than you planned, how comfortable were you with the changes it had on your retirement income?"


Failing to understand the rules around Social Security retirement benefits can leave on the table thousands of dollars of benefits.*  And for many, the decisions about when and how to take Social Security benefits are irrevocable.

Far too many individuals don’t take the time to learn and understand the different Social Security filing options that are available.  Many of today’s retirees assume that there is a single right answer when it comes to receiving benefits.  But there are number of considerations that influence when someone should file.  Cash needs, current health, longevity, current employment status, divorce are just a few of the factors that need to be taken into consideration.  As a result, everyone has a different “best age” for filing for Social Security benefits.


“How did you advisor determine which of
the over 81 different Social Security filing
options was right for you?”



Unfortunately, some people don’t understand that this is a risk,** or
at least don’t think they have any control over it. For those people that had substantial losses in the market in 2000 and 2008.

Those risks could have been mitigated by using a different financial strategy. Many of you are familiar with vehicles that help you lower or eliminate market risk. But Tax risk is something that may not be talked about as frequently. Fortunately, there are some great opportunities that exist today that previously people may have been unaware of. One of the advantages that we have today is that we know exactly what we are going to pay as a tax rate for the next several years, due to the new tax law. Taxes will be relatively lower till 2024 and then raised again. 


"Do you understand the tax
diversification strategies your advisor put in
place for when tax rates change?"

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